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Practicals over!

Finally the troublesome week of the practicals is over at NED! We have final theory exams after two weeks and they’re going to last for about 2 months! This year passed reallllly quick… just 2 more years… woW!

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LDST Project Completed!

Finally, the LDST project was completed and submitted today. We got maximum marks on the project. The Snake game, coded on 8515 microcontroller. It worked like a charm! I’ll be uploading the report and relevant material on the following website:

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Finally! The MC works!

After a series of failures we finally got the atmel 8515 microcontroller do our biddings! ;)

It always worked with the assembly code but it never worked with the C code we compiled on AVR-GCC. I really wish it offered a delay function… we’d not have wasted weeks because of the stupid delay problem. Its a 8 MIPS RISC processor and we were hoping to create a second long delay with an empty loop of just 50K! Thats horrendous! Well, we got to learn a lot in the process!

The MC works and I’m a guru of C code! The world is mine now! Watch out!

By the way, this year we’re working on a microcontroller based SNAKE game. A panel of 128 LEDs controlled by the microcontroller through an intermediate storage logic built on latches and buffers. I’ll post the URL to the indepth report when we’ve completed it.

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been a long time

Its been so long since I wrote a blog… I’m back! A lot of things about my university first:

Our OOP teacher Sir Saqib Ilyas is teaching some cool things at the end of the session. Its really exciting to take his classes, he doesn’t only cover the academic side of the course but sometimes the personal views he expresses in the class are really appreciable. For example, in the last class he expressed his idea of ‘Heroes’. It was really delightful to hear him.

The session is ending and the exams are coming, infact I have viva in about 2 hrs! This are the bad days for the NEDians!

Yesterday was the Annual Dinner at NED I took my sister and my brother along! I performed a skit on the stage which was another feather in my cap. I was also called upon the stage to receive two awards for the top prize in the mastermind quiz and science fair. There are many more still there where those awards came from! ;)