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FAST Procom 2005

[Fri, Feb 4, 2005]

… so it started like just another morning… we missed the FAST point by 2 minutes so we had to chase another point near Karsaz… fun was in the air and we were not ready for the competition… Usman and Mehroz joined me on time. As scheduled, the first round started right on time. Llack of planning, lack of concentration and lack of sufficient interest got us at 8th place in the first round, we got penalty for an incomplete submission otherwise we’d have been in the top ones….

… several hours passed, we ate lunch, went to say the prayers, regretted on our performance… too embarrassed to tell our score… but then the magic happened we outclassed the entire country in the second round to hit a monstrous FIRST position!

in the second round, we were actually able to convert our 1.5 hrs allocated time into 4.5 hours. Since we couldn’t beat the time, we decided to cheat the time… mortals will just call it ‘efficient time management’… we call it, cheating the time!

that was our little tale of today!

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