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Whiz Kid Woes Faisal's Personal Blog 2006-11-20T18:43:12Z Copyright 2006 WordPress Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Enigma 1412 - Any Amount]]> 2006-11-19T11:52:41Z 2006-11-19T11:52:41Z Fun NewScientist Enigma 1412 - Oct 7 2006 by Albert Haddad

I have a five-digit TOTAL, a six-digit AMOUNT and several other whole numbers, all expressed in words written in capital bold letters, where dfif letters stand for diff digits and the same letters stands for the same digit.

A few curious properties are noticeable. For instance, if you add ANY amount to my TOTAL, and then divide by say, A value, the result is a whole number.

And if you subtract AN amount from my AMOUNT, and then divide by say ANY value the result of course is ANY amount.

How much is my five-digit VALUE?

I solved it quickly but I realized that I had received the issue almost after a month it was actually sent so I couldn’t take part in their competition draw!

My answer was : VALUE = 89140

After I confirm this answer in the next issue of the magazine I’ll post how I deduced this.

CONFIRMED on Nov 20!

1. First I deduced from second condition that AMOUNT = ANY*ANY + AN
2. Now I wrote this simple perl program to iterate three digit unique values which produce unique six digit sum:

for my $i ( 317 .. 999 )
next if &repeat ($i);
my $s = $i * $i + substr ($i,0,2);
next if &repeat ($s);
next if substr ($s,0,1 ) ne substr ($i,0,1);
next if substr ($s,4,1) ne substr ($i,1,1);
print "ANY=$i : AMOUNT=$s\n";

repeat just checks to make sure there was no duplicate in the number itself.

3. I got two results:
ANY=963 : AMOUNT=927465
ANY=976 : AMOUNT=952673

4. Discarding second one because we have same codes for ‘Y’ and ‘U’.

5. Leaving only only one result! Common sense suggested that V cannot be 0 thus: L=1 M=2 Y=3 U=4 T=5 N=6 O=7 A=9 V=8 E=0

6. Net result was confirmed to be 89140

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Like a river]]> 2006-10-02T13:09:39Z 2006-10-02T13:09:39Z Misc Some inspiring words I came across:

“To be like a river that flows
silent through the night
not fearing the darkness and
reflecting any stars high in the sky

and if sky is filled with clouds,
the clouds are water like the river, so
without remorse reflect them too
in the calm deep”

- Manuel Bandeira

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Heavy Rain in Karachi!]]> 2006-08-17T16:46:03Z 2006-08-17T16:46:03Z Local I was out there with two old school friends today and we helped several people park their cars which were stuck on the road! It was a wonderful evening to spend with friends. We had an extension exhaust in our car and we were safe. Here are some of the pictures of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal vicinity we took with a cellphone. It is a total mess out there! Much more rain is expected.

Image(367).jpg Image(366).jpg Image(365).jpg Image(364).jpg Image(363).jpg Image(361).jpg Image(360).jpg Image(359).jpg Image(358).jpg

This is the second-ever blog which I’m doing over a GPRS connection!

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Urdu OCR!]]> 2006-08-13T17:32:33Z 2006-08-13T17:32:33Z WhiZ I’ve been secretly working on a way to perform efficient and accurate Urdu OCR! ;) I started working with binary images using C++ but soon moved to Matlab. After in-depth analysis, I realized a character-level OCR would be harder and would be less accurate. The main idea behind designing such a system was to textize all the Urdu images that are floating around on the web and maybe scanned book content in the future. The system I’m developing requires training before it can perform the OCR. I’m sure several products already exist which can do similar task once trained for specialized glyphs but its so much fun to do something from the scratch! :)

Here is some sample text in image form I grabbed off a website:

The number mapping on each frame correponds to the ID of a successful match in the library:

I have a lot of ideas to automate the library expansion process but time is an enemy on this one. There is a huge amount of detail which I’m not posting on the blog at this time.

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[ITCN 2006]]> 2006-08-13T11:31:27Z 2006-08-13T11:31:27Z Fun ITCN was really messy this year (more or less like last year!). It has become a market-place for shop and brand owners to market their ‘imported’ products! The cell-phone companies had TV actors and actresses on their stalls to attract the audience and they were throwing… guess what?… kit kats (the mini-bars) at the audience. I was there with a spectacular bunch of people from FAST. Munir is the one who called me up to join The Adams Family group (which was only then conceived!). The most interesting stall (to me, at least) was of a company in Islamabad who are doing 8-layered PCBs. Unfortunately, they are into commercial production so I didn’t attempt ot pursue them into giving me an educational trip to their facility.

Here are two computer casings that looked like a vacuum cleaners at first!

casing or a v cleaner? IMG_1930-small.JPG

There was a dancing stand on one of the stalls which was quite nice. I have uploaded the video.

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Hardy Har Har!]]> 2006-07-22T18:16:32Z 2006-07-22T18:16:32Z FYP During the last week of our summer vacations we worked quite a bit on the hardware of our project. Here are some pictures of the hardware modules that we’ve been working on:

Ckt 1 ckt 2 Ckt 3 SCTX2B

The first two circuits above are a part of remote control circuitry which operates over RF. The real brain of the circuit is the SCTX2B IC in the fourth picture. We tried tapping into the IC pins, it works on active low and sending signals is a breeze. Finally the third circuit above is an 8-bit parallel port interface on a PCB, which we did in the first year of engineering. It has been practically redone and is enhanced on the circuit level. It’ll allow us to send signals through the parallel port to control the vehicle. We still have to mount the wireless camera over our vehicle and determine an optimum height for it. After that we’ll worry about protecting the camera from movement vibrations, we’ll try to minimize it as much as possible.

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[IT Assignment]]> 2006-07-22T17:30:15Z 2006-07-22T17:30:15Z NED This is the second C/C++ assignment after the TSP problem which I really enjoyed doing! The goal was to create a program which would calculate both direct and systematic cyclic codes for (7,4). My program generated following results (for a fixed generator polynomial: x^3+x+1):

0000: V(x) = D: 0000000 S: 0000000
0001: V(x) = D: 0001101 S: 1010001
0010: V(x) = D: 0011010 S: 1110010
0011: V(x) = D: 0010111 S: 0100011
0100: V(x) = D: 0110100 S: 0110100
0101: V(x) = D: 0111001 S: 1100101
0110: V(x) = D: 0101110 S: 1000110
0111: V(x) = D: 0100011 S: 0010111
1000: V(x) = D: 1101000 S: 1101000
1001: V(x) = D: 1100101 S: 0111001
1010: V(x) = D: 1110010 S: 0011010
1011: V(x) = D: 1111111 S: 1001011
1100: V(x) = D: 1011100 S: 1011100
1101: V(x) = D: 1010001 S: 0001101
1110: V(x) = D: 1000110 S: 0101110
1111: V(x) = D: 1001011 S: 1111111

- V(x) is the generated vector (with data/check bits)
- ‘D’ denotes the vector contents for Direct Method and
- ‘S’ denotes the vector contents for the Systematic method

There wasn’t any substantial learning curve in coding this program but playing with modulo-2 was fun and the only tricky part was the repeated division in the Systematic method. I’ll upload the source files here after the assignment deadline is over (which is: July 29, 2006).

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Microsoft vs ROW]]> 2006-06-25T00:08:07Z 2006-06-25T00:08:07Z External Here’s a 2006 version of the report on war between Microsoft and the Rest-Of-the-World.


Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Phasor on Stun!]]> 2006-06-24T23:46:41Z 2006-06-24T23:46:41Z Fun This is almost the mid of our summer vacations and I’m enjoying every bit of it! I’ve finished re-watching entire TNG and Enterprise series. I did DS9 before the end of the vacations! =) Watched MI3 in the theater and also spent a night with friends at the farm house. I’ve been jogging, eating, swimming… oh boy! I’m on fire! On the techie side, I’ve done a few projects and I’ve been checking out Ruby and Ruby on Rails! Still have about 25 mores days before the vacations end. After that, I’d set my phasor on kill!

Whiz Kid <![CDATA[Burning the Midnight Oil]]> 2006-06-24T23:39:18Z 2006-06-24T23:39:18Z FYP I’ve finally started to take serious interest in the final year engineering project we have to work out this year. I’ve been staying up late in the nights to read up on image processing and video processing. I’ve found some excellent references on the internet and one of them is David Young’s lectures. We have moved all project-related work to a wiki, which contains tons of information on our progress. We’ve also decided to create the entire final year project report into a wiki and later import it into a Word document!

I also did a basic review of Microsoft Robotics platform today and concluded that we cannot integrate it with our project at this time. The platform looks promising though.